At Amagram Farms, we marry modern-day agricultural technology with the old-school permaculture philosophy of… “Do as Nature Does”.

Our goal is to teach and supply the home grow market with valuable organic soil, amendments, plant genetics, as well as delicious and nutritious herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Our hope is to build a microbial environment filled with enough Fungi and Bacteria to restore healthy soil and nutrients back to the planet. We achieve this by reaching out to gardeners, growers, hobby farmers, and homesteaders.

Together we can continue to build enough fungal pathways and microbial life to sustain us all in the coming future.  

Mushroom & Herb Cultivation

Did you know that most mushrooms and herbs have medicinal properties? Amagram Farms main focus is the cultivation of only the finest organic herbs and mushrooms.

Duck & Rabbit Husbandry

 We decided to add ducks and rabbits to our family of products coming this summer.  We care for the animals, feed them and love them and they in turn give us droppings, eat the grass and insects on our property, and eventually they will give us eggs and meat to sell.

Worm Compost & Amendments

As organic farmers we do not rely on pesticides, fungicides, or added salts to our soil environment. Everything is sourced directly from composting our animal, fungal and green waste. We offer self sustaining products of only the highest quality.

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