Our Mission

Our goal is to teach and supply the home grow market with valuable organic soil, amendments, plant genetics, as well as delicious and nutritious herbs and medicinal mushrooms by building a microbial environment filled with enough Fungi and Bacteria to restore healthy soil and nutrients back to the planet. We achieve this by partnering with gardeners, growers, hobby farmers, and homesteaders. Together to build enough fungal pathways and microbial life to sustain us all in the coming future.

About Amagram Farms

Mushroom & Herb Cultivation

Did you know that most mushrooms and herbs have medicinal properties? Our main focus at Amagram Farms is the cultivation of only the finest organic herbs and mushrooms. Not only do they help to support wellness and increased brain function but we recycle all of our waste product into our soils and compost making it some of the richest nutrients and amendments around.

Duck & Rabbit Husbandry

During Covid, crisis food insecurity was prevalent either the stores didn’t have meat, the meat wasn’t fresh or there was no  money to purchase it. Self-sustainability became the name of the game. We realized if we had a source of protein either from eggs or meat we would be solving a very serious problem. However, we couldn’t just stop at ourselves though what about our neighbors. We decided to add ducks and rabbits to our family of products coming this summer. Right now, our ducks and rabbits are busy growing and getting ready for mating season. Until then, we have a mutually beneficial relationship. We care for the animals, feed them, and love them, and they, in turn, give us droppings, eat the grass and insects on our property, and eventually, they will give us eggs and meat to sell.

Worm Compost & Amendments

As organic farmers, we do not rely on pesticides, fungicides, or added salts to our soil environment. All of those in some way or another are stopping the complete function of your soil which is to provide not only structure for your roots, but a nutrition source as well. A good living soil has not only sources of NPK but also bacteria, fungi and other smaller living organisms such as insects and worms to help generate what the plant needs, when it needs it. That is where our line of top dress, teas, and mulch come in. Everything is sourced directly from composting our animal, fungal and green waste. We offer self-sustaining products of only the highest quality.

A Word from Our Founder

My name is Ambra. I am owner/operator and founder here at Amagram Farms. I started my career as an ironworker/welder by trade. Being in a male-dominated environment for over 20 years began to take its toll on my emotional well-being. After taking leave to heal from an injury, I began gardening.

The first time I successfully grew my fruits and vegetables, I was happy nothing died however, all of my produce was small and couldn’t sustain me through the week much less life. I watched Facebook and saw so many farmers and gardeners who had successful and bountiful harvests and I was determined to achieve that in my garden. I began reading books, taking courses and watching tutorials, compiling as much information as I could.

In pursuit of a bountiful organic garden, fungal systems became prevalent to me. The role mycelium plays in the life of your soil, as well as bacteria, is an extremely important one. I learned that if I feed the soil what it needs, the soil will in turn feed and nurture the plants for me. 

Fungi and bacteria are key to what connects humans, plants and animals. The more we began embracing fungal systems and understanding their importance, the better our crops began to grow. This was the main catalyst and ultimately what was responsible for my decision to become a mushroom and soil farmer. 

My belief is, if we can spread enough information about fungal systems and grow enough mushrooms, we can begin to replenish and rebuild the depleted soil on earth.

We are a female-owned and operated small legacy farm. I built this with the help of my daughter Ari, who is in charge of livestock and all animal husbandry, and my sister Janelle who is the CFO and is in charge of product development for our herbs and mushrooms.

Self-sustainability and legacy are the main goals for 2021. Join our journey and our membership so you can make these goals your goals as well.

Meet Our Team

Ambra Melendez, Owner

Arinee Brinson, Husbandry Supervisor

Janelle Ramson, CFO

Matthew Byrd, Beekeeper