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Amendments & Soil

sloppy bunz

5lb bag. A nitrogen heavy amendment and mulch formulated with rabbit droppings, fermented alfalfa, beneficial bacterial, worms castings, and coco coir. Helps to release nitrogen to plants as it depletes in the soil from watering. Great for heavy feeding and fruiting plants.


Sloppy toppy

5lb bag. A soil top dress and root inoculant formulate with beneficial microbes, bacteria, worms castings and mycorrhizal fungi to promote health roots and proper nutrient uptake.


Sloppy seconds

12oz jar. A worm compost tea. A blend of composted fruits and veggies including banana, spinach, fermented cannabis leaves, egg shells, etc. meant for use with an aerator to oxygenate the tea before use. Can be used as a foliar spray or root drench once a week to recharge microbes.


sloppy soil pack

Includes the Sloppy Collection: 1 Sloppy Toppy, 1 Sloppy Bunz + 1 bottle of Sloppy Seconds.


living soil base

1 cubic ft. Fecund Crude Stoningtons or Great Lakes add water.



grow bag kit

Colonized substrate (fungal species vary)


colonized jars

$75 – 12 oz. Ball jar / $150 – 32 oz. Ball jar

$75 – $150


5lb bag


Sterilized corn


grain culture


liquid culture


Apparel & Merchandise

tri-blend t-shirt

Silky smooth luxurious fabric available in sizes S / M / L / XL


face Mask



Standard 11 oz. ceramic mug. Dishwasher safe.


Stash pack


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