Sloppy Toppy

Sloppy Toppy is a blend of mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria remediated soil. It can be used for the following:
Transplanting: Place on surrounding roots during transplant with living soil.
Top Dressing: Top dress about 3/4 of an inch during Flowering as your living soil nutrients deplete.

Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy Seconds is a worm compost tea in a concentrated form that is to be used as either a root drench or foliar spray. To use: Mix 10 parts water to 2 parts Sloppy Seconds. Our worm compost is mixed with coffee grinds, bananas, cannabis leaf, alfalfa, rabbit droppings, and spinach.

Boo Bunz

Boo Bunz is an alfalfa rabbit droppings mulch and top dress. Bunny droppings are not hot and can be applied directly to your garden because rabbits have 5 stomachs that process their feces differently than other animals. To use: Apply on the top of your living soil to help keep moisture and add nitrogen to your mix.